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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Disco Curtis, Memphis May Fire, Red Car Wire, American Mantra, The Kid Has Heart, and Crown the Empire in Colleyville, TX

A few weeks ago, Disco Curtis announced that they were having a free hometown show at Compass Christian Church in Colleyville, TX. Again, this was a band that I have been dying to see (I know I say that a lot, but aren’t those the show that you go to?) This show was not at all what I had expected. I am going to try to keep this as genre unbiased as possible since I am not a fan of hardcore or post hardcore music at all. Three out of five of the opening bands were some level of hardcore, one was metal, and one was rock/pop. I don’t mind listening to other genres of music, but hardcore is just not my thing; no hate or disrespect-I respect each band’s musical ability and talents (of what they have), but I would just prefer not to listen to it.

The first band to come out was Crown the Empire. They didn’t seem to be much older than I am, if older at all. Normally this wouldn’t make any difference; I have gone to see plenty of bands where most of the band it not all of the band is younger than I am, and super over the top talented. Unfortunately, this was not the case for Crown the Empire. They came off as just a group of guys pretending to be a hardcore band in their garage. They had good beats, but they were not tight or together.

Next was The Kid Has Heart. This band definitely had a little more polish, but lacked some professionalism. This might have been attributed to the type of venue and set up that was being played, but they had done a sound check before their set, but kept having to adjust the monitors and microphones throughout the set. They had a good beat, but seemed to be on the fence about whether they wanted to be a hardcore band or just a pop punk/rock band. They would sing pretty much all of the song and then scream a few words at the end of each song, which threw the whole song off, in my opinion.

For more The Kid Has Heart, check them out on Myspace, Twitter, Facebook, and Youtube.

American Mantra played 3rd, but in my opinion, they were the best of all of the opening bands (based on my dislike of hardcore music; ask some other people and it might be the opposite). I had heard of them before on twitter, and knew that they would be playing Summerfest in a few weeks. I was curious to see what they were all about, so it was cool to see them at this show. They are a progressive rock group that had some metal sounds added in with a whole lot of headbanging. They were very together and their energy got the crowd moving and very pumped up. They put on a great set and I really enjoyed all of their songs.

For more American Mantra, check them out on Myspace, Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube

Red Car Wire is a band that I have been curious about for a while. I had seen some posts about them on various music media and had listened to a few of their songs on youtube. I had wanted to see them, so I was happy that they were joining this lineup for this show. Unfortunately, I have to admit that I was extremely disappointed in their vocal performance. I am not sure if the lead singer was ill, or if it was the venue or circumstances, but his vocals were not there at all. His back up vocals and band were great though; I loved the songs and the sound, but it got ruined by the vocal situation that was happening with the lead singer. They were very energetic though, and the fans seemed to like their performance. I feel that with improved vocals, the band could be so much better, but again, there might have been circumstances that I am not aware of going on that night.

For more Red Car Wire, check them out on their official website, Myspace, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube.

Memphis May Fire was a band that I would have rather have not experienced. This is a post hardcore band, meaning that their songs consist mostly of throaty screaming and noises and not much singing. As I said before, no disrespect to those who enjoy post hardcore music or play/make post hardcore music, but I cannot bear it for very long. The instrumental sounds of the band were awesome though; they had great tunes, and they really were able to get the crowd going. They had great interaction with the fans and played a great set.

For more Memphis May Fire, check them out on their Myspace, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube.

Had Disco Curtis not come on after this band, we would have left. There was not much more hardcore music that I could take. Disco Curtis came on, literally filling the room with energy. They played a seriously great set including their new single, “Ammunition”, “Surprise Me”, an awesome cover of The Cars “Just What I Needed”, and “Ashley”. They played most of their songs and then came back out for an encore with “Just Dance” (Tanner appeared in a gold body suit and hat a la Lady Gaga) that literally had the floor shaking. All of the bands had everyone jumping, but Disco Curtis’ encore had the whole floor bouncing and a massive dance party on stage during “Ashley” (which I totally should have gone up for; it is my name and all). I’m glad that we did end up staying for Disco Curtis-they made the whole night worth it with their awesome show.

For more Disco Curtis, check them out on their, Myspace, Facebook, Twitter, and Youtube.

For more videos from this and other shows, check out my YouTube.

Obviously, my friends and I took some lessons from this experience. No more going to a show without researching exactly who is playing and what times everything is at. This show started at 6:30, but Disco Curtis did not even get on stage until 10 (it seemed like their set was short too, but that might have been because it was the only set that I completely enjoyed). We could have gone to eat during the other bands and gotten there just to see Disco Curtis and had been totally fine based on our music listening preferences. With that said, I think it’s great to listen to other genres of music; you never know what you will end up liking, but since I know that I did not like that music, and neither did my friends, it definitely put a damper on our night.