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Thursday, January 28, 2010

Paper Tongues and Crash Kings at Lost Horizon

After seeing that the Crash Kings had tweeted that they were playing in Rochester, I checked their schedule, hoping that they had Syracuse somewhere in their schedule...I was in luck as they were playing 100.9's "low dough" show this week with a band that I had never heard of called the Paper Tongues. I immediately went to you tube this new band to see what they were all about and instantly got hooked on their songs.

Yes, I will admit it, I discovered the Crash Kings in a pretty tool bag kind of way (John Taylor, the guitarist from the Jonas Brothers band, tweeted about them and I checked them out on his very public recommendation)...After listening to a few of their songs, I decided to buy their CD off of iTunes and I have really liked everything I've listened to since.

So back to the Paper Tongues. They had such great energy on stage...they seemed a little randomly put together at first, but once they started in on their show and songs, you could see how together they were and how they fed off of each other's energy. They reminded my friend and I of a cross between Gym Class Heroes and the Flobots for their hip hop, yet act inspiring lyrics. You could feel the positive energy, that radiated so much from Aswan (lead vocals) and from Danny (bass), which was only added to by the rest of the band and contagious from an audience's standpoint.

They played a few songs off of their EP, "Ride to California" including "Trinity" and "Ride to California"... I bought their EP and you should ALL buy it if you like their music...check out their other songs on my youtube channel!

Both Aswan and Danny rocked out in the crowd with the crowd, and the rest of the band hung out in the crowd after their set and during the Crash Kings set. They're so nice and so talented and I am so ready to see them again!

The Crash Kings are a trio that reminded me of Rooney and Kings of Leon...their songs are funky and interesting and they put a lot of energy into their music and shows. I already knew most of their songs before, so I was immediately into their set, singing as many words as I could remember along with them. They played most of the songs off of their CD, Mountain Man, including my two favorites, 1985 and Raincoat, and many more, which you can find on my youtube channel. They also played a song that I really liked, but was unfamiliar with. They put on a great show and even stayed for an encore. Definitely check these guys out and buy their CD if you're into them! Not to be missed!