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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Ghost Cupcakes from Ladies Home Journal

L and I made these around Halloween and they came out really cute! Besides the fact that fondant is an absolute bitch to work with--okay, if you are not used to working with fondant or don't have the right tools (I don't even own a rolling pin, I rolled the fondant out with a can of cooking spray and used the plastic cup that the cupcakes came in to cut the circles..seriously lacking the right tools), the cupcakes come out awesome and it's pretty worth it.

Prep: 1 hr
Start to Finish: 1 hr


  • 18 standard-size cupcakes
  • 1 16-oz container chocolate frosting, or homemade chocolate frosting
  • Cornstarch
  • 1 1-lb, 8-oz pkg white fondant
  • 18 sphere lollipops, such as Dum Dums
  • 1 tube black decorating icing


1. Frost cupcakes and set aside. Lightly dust work surface with cornstarch and roll fondant a little thinner than 18 1-1/2-inch rounds and 18 4-inch rounds with cookie cutters. Knead scraps together and reroll, as necessary.

2. Insert the stick of a lollipop into a block of Styrofoam (or half a potato or apple) to hold it steady. Place one 1-1/2--nch fondant round over lollipop and pinch to close. Then place larger fondant round over the smaller one, pleating to make a ghost shape. Repeat for all lollipops. Place a ghost in the center of each cupcake by inserting the stick into the cake. Pipe black eyes on each. Makes 18 cupcakes.