Drops in my Bucket List

Habitat for Humanity
KISS Concert
George Strait Live
Bungee Jump
Open Teen Wellness Center
Travel to a new place every year 2010
Learn to change a tire
Sponsor a child
Help someone live a better life
Zipline through a jungle
Road trip with friends for a vacation
South America
Cruise to Alaska
Be an extra in a movie
Have a photoshoot done
Ride a gondola in Venice
Climb to the top of a rock wall
Learn to drive stick
Have something published
Learn to play an instrument (BASIC learning)
Get my MBA
Make myself a wearable item of clothing
Go waterskiing
Buy myself diamonds
Chair a non for profit event
Sky Diving
Adopt a pet
Make sushi
Ride horseback on a beach
Cliff jump
Ride a mechanical bull
Take a hot air balloon ride
Go Hang gliding