Concert Reviews

Honor Society and Benton Paul in Houston, TX-2009

Honor Society in Charlotte, NC and Atlanta, GA-2009

The Fray in Syracuse, NY- 2009

Honor Society at Rock the Fall in Palmerton, PA- 2009

The Cool Kids, Jack's Mannequin, and Girl Talk at Juice Jam, Syracuse University- 2009

Honor Society in New York City, NY-November 12, 2009

Hot Chelle Rae and the Academy Is... at Syracuse University-2009

Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band in Buffalo, NY-,2009

Fazeshift, Backseat Goodbye, and Rookie of the Year in Syracuse, NY-2009

Paper Tongues and The Crash Kings in Syracuse, NY-2010

The Fab 5 in Houston, TX-2010

Lady Antebellum at the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo 2010

White Picket Fence and Parachute at Syracuse University 2010

Ashlyne Huff, Just Kait, and Honor Society in New York, NY 2010

Ashlyne Huff, Just Kait, and Honor Society in Clifton Park, NY 2010

Stereo Skyline, Artist Vs. Poet,  Cartel, The Maine, and We The Kings in  Syracuse, NY 2010

Days Difference, Ashlyne Huff, and Jordin Sparks in Dallas, TX 2010

Disco Curtis, Memphis Mayfire, Red Car Wire, American Mantra, The Kid Has Heart, and Crown the Empire in Colleyville, TX 2010

This Century and The Maine in Arlington, TX 2010

Aerosmith in Dallas, TX 2010

Green River Ordinance, Switchfoot, and Goo Goo Dolls in Dallas, TX 2010

Quiet Company, Disco Curtis, and Rooney in Dallas, TX 2010

Modsun, Stereo Skyline, and The Summer Set in Dallas, TX 2010