Monday, December 17, 2012

Slow Cooker Vegetarian Lasagna

Before last weekend, I had only used my crock pot to make chili.  I finally decided to make a non chili/soup dish in my crock pot.  I started off with Eating Well's Slow Cooker Vegetarian Lasagna.  The kicker is that normally, I do not like lasagna; too cheesy and too meaty and just not my thing.  This one caught my eye because it was vegetarian and used mushrooms, zucchini, and spinach as the "meaty" part of the dish.  It came out really well (for my completely amateur knowledge of using a crock pot) and it lasted me through the week and the weekend.  Next time I make this, I will add more garlic and more red pepper; probably some chili powder as well.  The original recipe is pretty bland for my tastes.

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